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Art. Bad hair. Good beer.

Wartooth Designs LLC is based is a business based on the motto “Graphic Design and art for the rest of us.” No pretentious graphic designer here. 


• Need a professional logo for your wood furniture business?
• Have to create a unique printed design for a festival?
• Want to create a website that sells sex toys or gormet chicken nuggets?
• Gotta have an illustration of your mate as a nude dancing frog?
• Have a great idea for a t-shirt design or enamel pin?
• Want a watercolor painting of your pet goat eating spaghetti?

That’s me. All of it. Everything in between and then some. My design background is based in Visual Communications with a focus on Internet Design Technology – I make fancy meaningful designs IRL and on a computer. I’ve been illustrating professionally for 6 years and doing graphic design and creating websites for over a decade.

I love coffee. I appreciate a good dad joke. BLT sandwiches always.

What the hell…

No really, I have questions.

Who the hell are you?

Hi. My name is Sara and I am the squishy human behind Wartooth Designs LLC.

You are here through one of 3 adventures –
1. You met me at a comic convention selling my random art.
2. You found me randomly on the internet (bless your heart for how that happened on accident).
3. You were referred to me by a fellow human.

Are you a legit business?

Hell, yes!

I pay taxes, I have swoopy pieces of fancy paper that say I can make things legally, I use invoices and contracts and I have a business license with that fancy LLC at the end of my name. I’m legit.

WTF do you ACTUALLY do?

A lot of stuff. Let me break some of it down for you…
I function primarily in the digital/graphic design realm but nothing is out of the question. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the shit I’ve made.

  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Digital Design
  • Marketing and Advertisement
  • Illustration
  • Water Color Paiting
  • Logos & Branding
  • Infographics
  • Artsy Fartsy Shit
  • Comics/Cartoon Design
  • Web Design
  • Business Cards

Do you sell stuff?

As a matter of a fact I do!

Place to buy stuff:

On this site


Most of my art is for sale even if its not actively listed. I also make my own stickers, magnets, pins, hoodies, shirts, stationary, and a ton of other random things.

Why should I trust you with my business?

I have no idea but you should.

My designs are for the normal schmuck and for people who don’t fit into the normal realm of needed designs. I do my best to work with you to make your shit reality.

You may have found me at a convention and wondering where the prickles are or you might have been referred to me by another happy customer for their branding or illustration. Either way I don’t advertise – so you found me and here we are! That should be reason enough to trust me.

Why do you draw peens on everything?

Peens are funny and why not.

Why don't you have a phone number listed anywhere?

If calling me is the only way you want to communicate with me – I don’t think we should work together.

Who have you worked for?

I have worked for a lot of lovely clients over the years. Here are a few of them…

Thingergy Inc. | Visit Clarksville | VSG Motorsports | Bobby Duke Arts | Peter Brown Shop Time | Ideal Grain | Electrolux | Go Commando | Guidestar Counseling | Florence Paige Designs | Creature Geeks | and a ton more. Some clients I will never be able to tell you about publicly. Others are wrapped up with in other companies I was contracted through like Thingergy Inc. or Visit Clarksville.

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