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What is SBC?

If you are new and have no idea what a Shower Beer is – it’s any adult beverage (non-alcoholic included) that is consumed upright in the shower after ‘a day’. The day could have been fantastic, laborious, boring, exciting, or fuckin terrible. It’s the cap on the end of a day completed. Think of it like champagne in a hot tub for less fancy.

SBC (Shower Beer Club) is a way to show your love for the almighty and glorious shower beer. Also, if you have never HAD said shower beer – I highly encourage it.

Whats Included in Pre-Order

  • Enamel Pin
  • Membership Card (chonky plastic kind)
  • Founding Member Certificate
  • Shower Beer Club Sticker
  • Other fun surprises

Pre-Order Funding Progress


When that bar is full we are ready to roll!


Nov 29: PINS ARE HERE! Orders will start shipping this week!!

Nov 12: Proofs have been finalized and production has started!

Nov 9: Pre-Orders will continue through November or until we hit the cap of 100!

Nov 8: We are 100% fully funded for the Shower Beer Club! Production orders placed!

Keep Good Vibes

Handy membership card displays the 5 simple by-laws of the SBC.

SBC By-Laws:
1. Drink responsibly
2. Don't be a dick - respect others.
3. Judgement Free Zone - regardless of gender, body, age*, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, etc. All shall enjoy SBC ( See #2).
4. All members are welcome into the Shower Beer Club. (See #2 & #3)
5. "Shower Beer" may be any beverage (alcholic or not) consumed while upright in a shower after 'a day'.
*of legal drinking age in the country your occupy.

take my money
Be Fancy

Custom illustrated soft enamel pin that you can jab into just about anything (maybe not other humans at least not with out their consent).

Let's be honest for a second. Enamel pins are just neat. If you don't like pins you probably don't like pizza. Or even worse you probably love black licorice. That's ok. That's fine. No judgement here (psycho). These pins have been designed specifically for the founding members of the SBC.

let me order already!

“Ok, hold up. I have some questions.”

Don’t worry. Here are some answers.

Is that pee in the cup?

No? Yes? What do you want it to be? I’m here for you. No kink-shaming though, but honestly it’s just beer.

When will I get my stuff?

Think of this pre-order as a pseudo-Kick-Starter. The founding members of the SBC hold mighty mighty power here. The sooner pre-orders sell out the faster you will get your items.

The estimated time frame for deliverable items is 60 days from the day of launch.

WTF is all that stuff in the picture to the right?

It’s all the different iterations of the SBC membership card. Designing takes time and is a process of discovery of what works best. Just thought I would show you.

Wait, I thought Julian started Shower Beer Club?

Shower Beer Club is universal and can’t be tamed by one human alone. Yes, Julian is “not only a member but the founder, CEO, and celebrity face” of Shower Beer Club.
I just made it into a tangible thing.
For those who are confused – it’s ok. We all are confused.

Isn't drinking in the shower dangerous?

Yes. It can be. So can pooping in the woods but some people do it anyway.

Drink responsibly.

Wartooth Designs LLC and all members associated are not responsible for you, your drinking habits, or any of your shenanigans.

I don't drink. Can I join anyway?

I have serious concerns for you if you do not drink any liquids at all. SBC is open to all. Originally a “Shower Beer” was exactly what that sounds like. It was a yellow fizzy beer you chugga-lugged in the shower after a long day. SBC is open to all forms of beverage enjoyment in the shower. Coffee, hard cider, IPA, rum, gin, water, beer, etc.
Seriously? Have you ever tried it?

I don't get it.

I’m sorry?

no, really. take my money.

Legal & Technical Crap


Pre-orders will be held until the reserve is met for a production order to be placed for merchandise purchased. Orders may take up to 60 days to be filled by Wartooth Designs LLC. Refunds will be issued in the instance that pre-order reserves are not met within 45 days of the official product launch date. Pre-order funds do not entitle the purchaser to any rights other than a pre-purchased item to be shipped upon completion of production. 
Items may vary in color, presentation, packaging, design from current mock-ups.
Purchaser shall hold harmless and indemnify Wartooth Designs LLC against any losses, liabilities, and claims arising out of or related to this transaction. Wartooth Designs LLC is not responsible for your actions regarding alcohol consumption.
The Shower Beer Club/SBC designs are prepared or accomplished by Wartooth Designs LLC in their personal capacity for the client. Wartooth Designs LLC is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within this consultation, mock-ups, website, the information contained within, and presentation. 
All items included are originated from the artist’s original ideas and any resemblance of any kind is unintentional and coincidental and the artist will be held not liable. 
TL;DR – all the art is mine and if it looks like other shit it’s not intentional and you can’t blame me. Orders will be filled when I get enough to place production orders. If everything fails you will be notified and get a reimbursement. I’m not responsible for any actions you take involving alcohol. 

General questions, clarification, or comments – [email protected]

I missed every other button - LET ME ORDER ALREADY!

If anyone made it this far you are amazing and I am really glad you visited 🙂

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