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3 months. 3 months of sorting, sifting, collecting, editing and organizing all   the projects I have done in the last 3 years. It should have been done sooner and I think every artist always faces this roadblock at some point in time in their artistic life. We toil away, stowing projects in a file somewhere lost in a hard drive. Forgetting about them and never showcasing what accomplishments we have done. Until it’s too late. Until we are in a position we have to rush and push ourselves into creating a portfolio to show for a new prospective job position.

It’s time to take matters into our own hands. Put yourself first. Show the world what you can do as an artist and curate your work. Take pride in it. I have failed to do that over my span as an artist and I won’t forget it any longer. This is a new step towards a new horizon.


Carbon Made is a great starting point for a portfolio. I used that portfolio site for many years and it even helped me land my job I have now. They have amazing customer service and offer a lot of customization on the free account.

Dream Host

If you want to take a bigger plunge I highly suggest the magical combination of Dream Host and Dream Host offers unlimited server space at an incredibly reasonable price per year. Their customer service is great and the one click install for is brilliant.

WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool that isn’t just for blogs anymore. It provides an easily modifiable platform for artists of all types to easily set up and manage a website. A learning curve is there but thanks to 0pen source information the curve is small.

Theme Forst

Stand out from the crowd by using a formal theme with your WordPress site. The price is minimal compared to the normal upkeep of a HTML/CSS website. Gotta love technology.

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