Prick Fridge Magnet


Display your Prick in the wild! Hand-crafted fridge magnets you can adopt and add to your succulent garden – guaranteed not to die.

Each is one of a kind – to order multiples please choose different options (#1, #4, #7, etc) and add each one to your cart.


A Prick you can finally appreciate AND display in the open! Each one of these is individually hand sculpted and painted by my own little hands.

They all have unique flaws and personality traits… much like humans but at least these don’t talk shit.

These are not edible and for display only. They are guaranteed not to wilt and die. Display these on your fridge, at the office, on the metal plate in your head, or where ever you would like!

When ordering please specify which magnet you would like with the drop-down menu and the associated number with your Prick.

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Surprise Me, Adopt Prick 1, Adopt Prick 2, Adopt Prick 3, Adopt Prick 4, Adopt Prick 5, Adopt Prick 6, Adopt Prick 7, Adopt Prick 8, Adopt Prick 9, Adopt Prick 10, Adopt Prick 11, Adopt Prick 12, Adopt Prick 13

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